Classic Win

kiteboard package for sale online Flyer 800 Front Wing Suitable for lightweight riders and boundary-pushers alike.  Buy 5’10” Foil Surf BoardThe solid planning area encourages newer (but confident) riders to get up and get carving. Flite board Ultra is for experts who want 5’0″ Foil Surf Board For Saleto take the sport to new heights (literally).

Buy LIFT3 F 5’4 eFoil 

 Reduced weight, streamlined design and optional foot straps make it the ultimate for waves, jumps, racing LIFT3 F 5’4 eFoil  and carving hard.Classic Win

Wave Ride Kit – Series 1 for sale, A wild wing that is the loosest of them all. For the Wave Ride Kit Black Series2 USA Orders

buy Wave Ride Kit – Series 1

most responsive ride possible at medium to fast speeds, try the Flow S 900.Buy Fliteboard Series 2 Built for the toughest adventures.

Buy Wave Ride Kit Black Series2

 Even learning. Fliteboard AIR is a rugged, inflatable and durable board that’s the ideal eFoil for yachts, families, resorts and Flite schools.

Buy Fliteboard ULTRA Series 2

 It’s the perfect go-to for heavier or older riders as it’s easier to learn on and more forgiving.

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 Flite is constantly innovating in the field of electric marine power and watercraft propulsion.

Buy V2-6000 Jetboard (Blue) For Sale

 We’re pioneering a future in which petrol fumes and slicks are no longer

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found in our waterways and the revving of boat engines is replaced by a whisper.

Fliteboard ULTRA Series 2

Flow 1300 Front Wing Flite board Ultra is for experts who want to take the sport to new heights (literally).

LIFT3 F 5’4 eFoil for sale

efoil Fliteboard for sale

eFoil System Complete Kit 75cm Silver Series 2

Reduced weight, streamlined design and optional foot straps make it the ultimate for waves, jumps, racing and carving hard. Buy LIFT3 F 4’9 eFoil 

Waves PRO Jetboard for sale

 Fliteboard PRO Series 2

The ultimate wing for powered off wave gliding with our True Glide prop.

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eFoil System Complete Kit 60cm Black Series 2.2

Buy V2-6000 Jetboard (Blue) Canada 

Flow 1300 takes off early and glides, Buy Fliteboard PRO Series 2 and glides.

Buy LIFT3 F 5’4 eFoil 

Buy eFoil System Complete Kit 60cm Black Series 2.2

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Despite its large size (1m span) the Flow 1300 is agile and responsive in turns.LIFT3 F 4’9 eFoil For sale


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