Electronics Box (eBox) for sale


The electronics box (also called the motor controller box, or eBox) is the brain of the eFoil. This complete unit is ready to plug in and go. It comes complete with cooling line connections, mounting plate, power connector, and data cable. The antenna length (on the eBox) corresponds with the board size, so you need to specify your board model to ensure you order the correct eBox. (Example: Lift 3, 4’9″)


Model LIFT1 4’4, LIFT1 5’0, LIFT1 5’6, LIFT1 6’2, LIFT2 4’4, LIFT2 5’0, LIFT2 5’6, LIFT2 6’2, LIFT3 4’2, LIFT3 4’9, LIFT3 5’4, LIFT3 5’9